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Introduction - Can you come out and Play? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I know you are but what am I?!?

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Introduction [Mar. 2nd, 2008|03:02 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?


[mood |busybusy]

I apologize for posting things before introducing myself. I was just feeling so proud and wanted to share the art..

I am Megan, a 21 yr old SAHM(stay at home mom) married to my hubby of 2 years on march 25th, 2008 Tom(23). I have two children. Aiden Brice is my first child and he 16 months old. My second child is my daughter, Keeley, that is 4 months old. They are a couple days under being a year apart so I have my hands full. We don't plan on more kids until Keeley is at least three. We do plan on four kids before we stop having kids all together and we plan on the last of the four actually being adopted.

My son is very goofy and often very strange but it makes me love him just that much more. I doubt he will ever blend into the crowd unless of course all kids his age are just that weird and so far... most of the kids look at him like he's crazy LOL. He is very friendly and always easily accepted with other children. He is big for his age and most kids think he is at least 2 so they don't understand why he can't do things a 2 year old can. He is probably about 30lbs now and he comes up to my husbands hip almost and he is 5'7"! He is super strong and tries to lift everything.. for a while we worried he might be autistic because he was just sooo happy and soo strong and seemed to be overly advanced in certain things at first. Now he has toned down to be a normal cranky but still happy kid he just is very smiley and strong and shows intelligence but not overly so as before.

My daughter is a princess through and through. She loves to be held and gets very upset when she's left alone on her belly to play and try to scoot. She loves to smile and loves when her brother plays peek aboo and gives her kisses. She is quite the talker(cooing up a storm) and has beautiful blue eyes that I hope she continues to keep.

They can be a challenge but I wouldn't have it any other way. They are my angels.. they just have horns to hold up their halos ;P

[User Picture]From: grniiis
2008-03-03 05:01 pm (UTC)
You could nickname your son "Bam-Bam" :) they both sound adorable and I bet they will be close. I'm glad to see a happy couple having kids and having plenty of them.

I liked being a young parent at 24, it makes it easier to have fun with them. My youngest was in the 99% for growth at that age too, but slowed down as he got older, gets skinnier with each growth spurt (now is 12).
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