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Can you come out and Play? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I know you are but what am I?!?

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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2004|12:22 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?

Me: "Would you like some left-over meatloaf for lunch today?"

her: "no...um...there's a kid in my class who's allergic"
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2004|06:13 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?

[mood |amusedamused]

Shelby : "I'll sell you this pencil for a penny"

Ron: "I don't want that pencil'

Shelby: "Why don't you want it?"

Ron: " because it says 'Shelby' on the side of it"

Shelby: "well if you buy it, the first thing I'll do with the money is buy a pencil that says 'Ron'"
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2004|07:45 am]
I know you are but what am I?!?

first day of school!
it's pouring rain! But I don't care!
Kiddo has her lunch box packed with Capri Sun and scooby ghram snacks
and a sammich she prolly wont eat but I have to make it anyway because a lunch box needs a sammich!
I put a lovey note in with it and she's off to the first day of the rest of second grade!!
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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2004|09:27 am]
I know you are but what am I?!?


this is my daughter, ramey. she's starting 7th grade on tuesday. we went shopping yesterday and she wanted to shop in hot topic. eek!
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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2004|11:09 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?

[mood |creativecreative]

Slime Time

Make your own!
and get it all stuck in your hair and in the carpet and on the dog!
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2004|03:12 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?

Kids on Love:
"Love is that first feeling you feel before all the bad stuff gets in the way."

"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love."

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth."

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."

"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs."

Deep Thoughts by kids:
"I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?"
--Age 15

"Give me the strength to change the things I can, the grace to accept the things I cannot, and a great big bag of money."
--Age 13

"It sure would be nice if we got a day off for the president's birthday, like they do for the queen's. Of course, then we would have a lot of people voting for a candidate born on July 3 or December 26, just for the long weekends."
--Age 8
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|07:36 am]
I know you are but what am I?!?

quoted from some far off journal somewhere:

"Was I the only kid who didn't play those weird hand-slappy-"interacting with other children" games and just played normal things like the Sit Alone in a Tree game or the Sit Alone in Your Room game?"
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|02:01 am]
I know you are but what am I?!?

[mood |happyhappy]

Hi. I'm Lisa. Just joined this lovely community. I LOOVVEEE kid's toys. You can find me in toy stores all the time. haha. I just started reading the Harry Potter books, and I love 'em so far. Question: have any of you read the books? And have you read the newest one?? =)
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2004|08:11 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?

It's amazing what a tiny scooby doo fishing pole can catch!
summer fun-stuffCollapse )
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2004|08:56 pm]
I know you are but what am I?!?


mmmm cereal. The best thing at the supermarket!
it can be eaten with milk
without milk
hot (some)
it's low fat, high sweet!
and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients!
PLUS it's part of a complete breakfast!

anytime of the day is a good time for cereal! The miracle food!
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